"Air wants to rise"
-Callum Hunt, Part of a Cinquain

The Air Element or Air magic is one of the five elements that mages can manipulate and draw magic from. A Master in this Element is considered an Air Mage. Air Magic is constantly being studied and experimented with.


Air magic can be used to manipulate the way objects or other elements move and levitate the mage. Air magic can cool things down or warm things up as the mage can manipulate the temperature. Because air is all around us a mage can simply pull air out of ... well thin air.

The only sub-categories of Air Magic known so far are shaping are into illusions and using it in an almost telekinetic way by using air to lift objects, though it can be assumed that air and water can make ice. Mages can fly in the air like birds using air magic.

Mages can drink blood (for its oxygen) to draw power and magic from the element more effectively. This however is very dangerous because the power is overwhelming. As the first Principle of Magic states so much power can make a mage loose control over the element and instead of drawing from it they become drawn into it. Being drawn into an element is called turning into and elemental and in the process a mage's soul is burned away and replace by the element. Someone drawn into the air element is an air elemental.

In order to prevent being drawn into an element a mage can reach for its counterweight. The counterweight of air is earth so when a mage is being drawn into the air element they should try to perform earth magic. Same goes with elementals. If a mage is fighting an earth elemental they should use air magic to fight it.

Air Mage

A air Mage is a Master in earth magic. They can fly through the air like birds, bend air to their will effectively and study the magic vigorously.


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