Alex Strike
CJ Alex 01
Biographical Information
Full name: Alexander T. Strike
Age: 19
Status: Deceased

Magisterium in Luray, Virginia (former)





Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Series Information

Alexander "Alex" T. Strike is a former student at the Magisterium, an apprentice under Master Rockmaple who occasionally assists Master Rufus. He is an adept air mage and is said to be one of the best students in his class. He has also already earned at least two affinity stones: one for using fire to dispel an elemental, and another for using air magic to create an illusion.


The Enemy

Alex was an apprentice of Master Rockmaple at the Magisterium. Alex had always been a talented air mage. For this, in his Copper Year, Alex was recruited by Master Joseph for his plans. He began training under him, along with Joseph's son, Drew. Joseph became like a father to him—while his own had gone old—and Drew like a brother. Because of the extra lessons he had with the Walthers, Alex even became good enough to become Rufus's assistant.[2]

Rufus's assistant

During the time Master Rufus took on apprentices, Alex often ran into them while doing tasks for Rufus. Alex was also quite popular as he was the air mage who does the movie illusions at the Magisterium's Gallery.[3]

The Alkahest

During the summer, Alex and Kimiya Rajavi were dating. He spent the summer at the house of the Rajavi family, and the couple attended parties together with the rest of her family. Alex even bonded and sometimes played tennis with the Makar Aaron Stewart when he wasn't distracted by Kimiya.

After Alex's stepmother opposed the Assembly proposal of Kimiya's parents, however, Kimiya's parents vindictively took it out on him and suggested that he and Kimiya take a break from each other for the year. Alex was devastated that Kimiya didn't stick up for them and ended their relationship.

Once school began again, Alex continued his time helping and learning, as what an apprentice and student would do. When the time came, Alex gave Callum crucial information about Alastair that ended up with Callum, Tamara, Aaron and Jasper to going off on their own mission to bring back the Alkahest.[4]


Thinking that Call—or Constantine himself—was undeserving of the power he had, Alex stole the Alkahest from Master Joseph. He reconfigured it so he could use it to steal chaos magic from its target and give it to the wearer—him. His plan had been to kill Call and take Aaron's power. However, the two boys wanted to defend each other or die together, and when Tamara pushed Call out of the Alkahest's way, Alex ended up taking Aaron's magic and, consequently, killing him in the process.[2]

Physical description

Alex is tall and has curly brown hair.



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