SF 2Ch14, Alkahest
Creator: Order of Disorder, in collaboration with Constantine Madden and Joseph Walthers
Original owner/s: Order of Disorder
Notable past owner/s:
  • Remove ability to control chaos magic from makars (former)
  • Switch the ability to control choas magic from a makar to the wielder
  • Death to target
The Alkahest is a weapon used to push the ability to control chaos out of a Makar, causing the void to destroy the Makar in the process. It was forged from a combination of all the elemental forces. It could be wielded by any mage, but it requires the living heart of a chaos creature to give it power.[1]

A book called Alkahests and Other Indices of Magick discusses the gauntlet, as well as the alkahest: a universal solvent—a substance that can dissolve all things, from gold to diamonds to chaos magic.

The Alkahest is a gauntlet made of copper; it has the appearance of a clawed hand. When used, it heats up, even hurting the wearer,[1] and emits coppery light. It can also burn and physically hurt a Makar when it comes into contact with one.[2]


The Alkahest was typically kept at the Collegium. Alastair Hunt tried to steal the gauntlet but failed; he had done it on purpose, anticipating that the attempt would prompt the mages to move it to a location that would be of advantage to him. He managed to steal the gauntlet and later used it to destroy Constantine Madden's physical body. Master Joseph was able to steal it in the struggle that ensued.[1]

Joseph's apprentice Alex Strike then stole the Alkahest and reconfigured it so he could steal the target's chaos magic. He used the gauntlet on Aaron Stewart and became a Makar himself.[2]


  • The alkahest is a hypothetical universal solvent in the real world; it is sought after by alchemists for the potential medicinal qualities. Within the series, it is unknown if it is depicted as real (discovered by mages, whose magic were derived from studies based on the research of alchemists) or if the gauntlet is simply named after it.


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