"Anastasia Tarquin"
Biographical Information
Full name: Eliza Madden
Status: Alive
Also known as:

Anastasia Tarquin






Assembly of Mages


Unnamed first husband †
Constantine Madden † (son)
Jericho Madden † (son)
Augustus Strike (husband) †
Alex Strike (stepson)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Silver
Series Information

The woman currently known as Anastasia Tarquin is in fact the mother of Jericho and Constantine Madden—the latter of which is notoriously known as the Enemy of Death.[1] She is also Alex Strike's stepmother and is a member of the Assembly of Mages. She is a skilled metal mage.[2]


Early life

"Anastasia", her birth name yet unknown, was a mage who was uncomfortable about her magic. When her two children went to the Magisterium, her disinterest in magic continued, letting her husband handle everything related to their schooling. She came to regret this when a few years into their schooling, Jericho died and Constantine lost himself in his practices.

At one point, her husband killed himself. When Constantine died during the Third Mage War, she was contacted by Master Joseph, who told her that Constantine simply transferred his soul onto another body: Callum Hunt's. She then made it her life's goal to make up for her shortcomings by helping Constantine, to be there for him in a way she was not in the past.[1]

As Mrs. Tarquin

She began by going back to her homeland, where she stole the identity of the real Anastasia Tarquin—a woman around the same age as her. She altered her appearance, finally practiced her craft with a newfound devotion, and returned to the country as a powerful mage. She then married Augustus Strike to obtain a seat on the council and became a member of the Assembly of Mages.[1]

During the summer before the second year at the Magisterium of Call and Aaron Stewart—the newest Makar and the Assembly's newest hope for defeating the Enemy—she, as Anastasia Tarquin, attended a party thrown by the Rajavis during the summer, where she presented party tricks involving metal rods. Call observed her and Alex's interactions and could not fully deduce if they got along. Additionally, she opposed an Assembly proposal from the Rajavis, resulting in their resentment and the breakup of their daughter Kimiya and her stepson, Alex.

Tarquin was in attendance during Call, Aaron, Tamara, Jasper, and Alastair's trial at the Magisterium, and was thus one of the people who saw Call present the Constantine's decapitated head—essentially the proclamation of the end of the Third Mage War.[2]

Eventually, Anastasia revealed herself to Call as Constantine's—and technically his—mother.[1]

Physical description

Anastasia Tarquin is described as being very tall and elegant, wearing her silver hair in elaborate styles that often 'tower' above her, adding to her great height. She often wears very luxurious outfits that flaunt her wealth as an Assembly member, and are usually a brilliant white.