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Callum Hunt
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Biographical Information
Age: 17
Status: Alive
Also known as:
  • Call

Asheville, North Carolina




Mage (Makar)


Magisterium apprentice




Master Rufus

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gray
Series Information
Appeared in:

Callum "Call" Hunt is the son of Alastair and Sarah Hunt. Part of a family of magicians, Call inherited his parent's propensity towards magic and is himself a mage. Call is the second Makar of his generation, along with his best friend, Aaron Stewart.



Callum was still just an infant when his mother, Sarah, and his uncle, Declan, died during the Cold Massacre at La Rinconada, Peru. While Declan died protecting Call and Sarah, the Enemy of Death put his soul into Call's body, essentially killing the child. Sarah realized this and dropped him, causing his left leg to be permanently maimed. Without enough energy and will to kill Call/Constantine herself, Sarah carved the words "KILL THE CHILD" into the walls of the ice cavern as a message for whomever may see it.

Call was since raised by his father, Alastair, in North Carolina. Call grew up angry and stubborn, notorious in their town as a cranky, troublesome, and annoying boy who sent people running with his sarcastic remarks.

Call's left leg, despite surgeries and physical therapy done to attempt to correct it, was left broken and Call walking with a sliding limp. The leg hurt often, more so as he grew, and he hated it when people comment on his limp. Call liked to skateboard and was often seen lurking around the comic book store, the arcade, and the video game store.

Exempted from gym class and discouraged by school officials from any form of strenuous physical activity, Call yearned to play and was filled with restless energy. Aside from that, Call was often bullied because of his condition, though he always managed to turn them away.

Once though, Call unwittingly provoked a group of kids into beating him up. It was at that moment when Call caused a small earthquake in the playground of their school. The ground cracked open and the bullies ran off. It was through this incident that Call's inclination towards magic was first made known to him. While Call was pleased when he found out, Alastair explained to him that magic was dangerous, that while his family was one of mages, it was a battle between magicians that killed his mother, Sarah. Alastair had since then conditioned Call's mind to fear magic and suppress it so he wouldn't be taken to the Magisterium.

Iron Year

When he was twelve, Call was set to undergo the Iron Trial. His father had prepared him to fail the test, scaring him more and more about the prospect of being a mage. Upon their arrival at the venue, a closed airfield in Virginia, Call saw several mages as well as other fellow new outbreaks.

Chosen by Master Rufus to become his apprentice, Call was forced to go to the Magisterium, despite his terrible score and father's objections. Call's father made a scene before he was thrown out of the event. As Alastair left, he threw a knife at Call and would have hit him had Aaron not caught it. Call later learned that the dagger, Semiramis, had been his mother's. Tamara later dubbed it Miri, which Call agreed to.

His relationship with his fellow apprentices was rocky at first, as Call initially had no intention of staying long enough to care to make friends with them. However, Call eventually found himself liking magic, enough to not want to fail his first year, knowing that if he did, his magic would be bound. Call eventually became best friends with Aaron Stewart and Tamara Rajavi.

Because of the strange question he read in the written exam part of the Iron Trial, Call continued to be intrigued and haunted by thoughts of wyverns bent on revenge. During the first exercise with the other Iron Year apprentices, Call was finally faced with wyverns, which he, Tamara, and Aaron easily defeated, much to the surprise of everyone since their training, at first, seemed inferior to the others'. Call continued training with his friends under Master Rufus' supervision, now more enthusiastic than before.

One night, they were woken up and told to search for a missing Drew Wallace along with the other mages. Call found Drew, whose foot was stuck in a hole, and helped him get out. On the way back, they were attacked by chaos-ridden wolves. Call was drawn to the beings' eyes, but a concerned Aaron stepped in and displayed his powers as a Makar. Call, during the hike back to the school, found a chaos-ridden wolf pup that he soon made his own pet and named Havoc.[1]

After an assembly discussing Aaron as the new Makar, Call's pet, Havoc was discovered by his two friends. At first they wanted to get rid of it, until realizing it was friendly. Tamara concluded that Chaos-ridden animals are only friendly to other Chaos ridden, causing Call to remember his father's words. "Call, you must listen to me. You don't know what you are."

After injuring himself during a training session outside and being sent to the infirmary, Call was visited by his friends who were about to take Havoc for a walk. Tamara stayed with Call, while Aaron took Havoc outside, but after Aaron didn't return for quite some time, Tamara and Call became worried and went out to search for him. Upon arriving outside, Call called Havoc, who obediently came and urged them to follow him to Aaron. Although the walk pained Call greatly, he continued, committed to rescuing his friend. They eventually arrived at a large building with a sign that said Mountain Bowling. There, Tamara and Call rescued Aaron from Drew, who was going to feed Aaron to a chaos elemental. Aaron and Tamara escaped, but Call was trapped in the building. The chaos elemental, after having killed Drew, turned on Call, but he was rescued by Joseph, whom he believed to be the Enemy of Death. Joseph spoke with Call until he, upon calling Drew and receiving no response, found him dead in the other room. He mourned for his son and briefly became angry at Call, before kneeling before Call and conceding to the belief that Drew's death would serve a greater purpose for Constantine, finally stating that Call himself was Constantine, the Enemy of Death. Their conversation was cut short by the roof tearing apart. This was done by Tamara and Aaron, and while it was not their intention, they succeeded in rescuing Call.

Call woke up in the infirmary. He spoke with Rufus and his father (via the tornado in a bottle), and was visited by many other friends as well before being able to return to his studies. On his first day back, Call was taken, along with Aaron and Tamara, to The First Gate. There, Rufus stated that if they could read the words Prima Materia carved on the top of it, they were ready. Call, the last one in line, hesitated, knowing that if he stepped through, his magic could never be bound and the world would never be safe from him. Call considered telling the Masters of his problem, but convinced himself otherwise and stepped through the gate grinning.

Copper Year

Having stayed back home with Alastair for summer vacation, his relationship with Alastair had evidently taken a turn for the worse. Alastair was distant, and their time together was now filled with awkwardness. Alastair continues to insist that he not return to the Magisterium—volunteering to teach him if he wishes to continue training with magic—and to lose Havoc.

The situation is aggravated when, after watching a movie with his father and leaving Havoc alone at their house for the first time, they return to find Havoc missing. Call later finds him tied up in a room in his father's basement, and sees a cot in the corner with shackles meant to hold a boy about his size. Call searches his father's desk and reads through his notes about a ritual that could destroy a Makar. Call immediately assumed that Alastair—whom he knew suspects that he was the Enemy—planned on performing the ritual by taking out Havoc's heart, stealing and using the required gauntlet, and using it to push out the chaos magic out of Call—and kill him. For this, Call knocked him out and ran away.

With nowhere to go and only a small amount of money, Call left North Carolina with Havoc and took a bus ride to Tamara's house in Arlington, Virginia, a big mansion called the Gables. He stayed there for the rest of their summer break with Tamara, Aaron, Alex, and the Rajavis. Once it was over, the kids happily returned to the Magisterium.

Call continued to avoid his father, even after Alastair's request to see him. However, when Call realizes that Alastair finally tried to steal the gauntlet, Alkahest, Call became concerned enough that he came clean to his friends about his suspicions, though unable to tell them the whole truth, about him and Constantine's soul. Tamara, fearing for Aaron's life, told Rufus, which Call held against her. Shortly after, Alex told Call that now that the Alkahest had been stolen, presumably by Alastair, the Assembly decided that the search for Alastair will be a hunt: they will kill him for the gauntlet. Deeply concerned, Call decided to go after him with Havoc somehow to warn him. Tamara and Aaron insisted on joining him, bringing Jasper along with them to prevent him from talking after he caught them about to sneak out.

When they reached the property that Alastair has rented for his collection of dilapidated cars, Call and the others were attacked by Automotones, a dangerous metal elemental from the Magisterium, and though Aaron managed to defeat it, they realized that they would not be safe at the Magisterium. With clues from the barn that might lead to Alastair, the group continued on their journey. Call drove halfway to the coordinates sent by Master Joseph to his father, encountering their Magisterium Masters at one point and receiving a call from Rufus himself in another.

One night, a horde of Chaos-ridden people arrived and expressed their allegiance to Call. Left with no choice, Call tells them about his birth—about having Constantine's soul in him, leaving his companions scared and confused. They decided to continue on however, considering how close they were to the end. The Chaos-ridden, under Call's orders, led them to Joseph.

Found on the island specified by the coordinates is Constantine's tomb, where Joseph tried to once again invite Call back to his side. During the chaos, Alastair killed and destroyed Constantine's preserved body with the Alkahest—which Call finally realized had been his father's plan all along. When Constantine's body disintegrated, the chaos magic in his body was released and was drawn to Call's soul. When Call attempted to protect his friends from the Chaos-ridden, he ended up utilizing his new chaos magic for the first time. Because of the amount of power he released, the tomb collapsed, but not before Call could cut off Constantine's head. With Aaron's help, who held up the tomb with his power, Call made it out.

Immediately after, the Magisterium Masters arrived and brought them all back to the Magisterium for judgment. There, they were faced by a panel of Assembly members and Magisterium Masters who chastised them for their actions. To stop them, Call showed them Constantine's head and told them that their mission resulted in the death of the Enemy. While everyone in the group had expected Jasper to sell Call out, he simply revealed to them that Call was now also a Makar.

The group became instant celebrities, with news of their victory, the death of the Enemy, and thus the end of the war, spreading through the school fast. Aaron, Tamara, and Jasper agreed to keep Call's secret, though they—even Call—had their doubts. Alastair left the next day with him and Call back in good terms, and Call and his friends continued with their Copper Year.[2]

Bronze Year

During his Bronze Year he gets nearly killed multiple times and they discover a spy is at the Magesterium trying to kill either Callum or Aaron.

Physical description

Call has messy black hair and gray eyes, often sporting a scowl on his face. Although his height is average for a twelve-year-old, his left leg is shorter than the other. His left leg is described as "a mass of red incision lines and ugly bunched tissue." This is a result of multiple surgeries after his leg was badly broken as a baby.



  • Call seems to have a fascination with naked mole rats, often hoping to find and own one.[1][2]
    • Once, during the May Day Parade, Call took a naked mole rat and freed all the mice from the local pet store that were meant to be fed to a boa constrictor. The released mice disrupted the parade, and the mayor has since been keeping an eye on Call. Call was also forced to return the mole rat.[1]
    • Naked mole rats are also known for being very difficult to kill, as they rarely, if ever, get cancer, can survive up to 18 minutes without air, and it is thought that they don't age. This might have been an early nod to Call's relationship with Constantine.[3]
  • Geometry is Call's least favorite subject.[1]
  • Call was not born with natural control over chaos magic.[2]


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