SF 1Ch08, Call and Celia
Biographical Information
Full name: Unknown
Age: 14
Status: Alive

Magisterium in Luray, Virginia








Magisterium apprentice




Master Milagros


Assembly of Mages


Unnamed parents
Unnamed great-aunt

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dirty Blond
Series Information
My great-aunt died there, too. My parents talk about her all the time, but I never knew her. I'm not mad at you, Call. I just wish it didn't happen to either of us. To any of them.

–Celia, The Iron Trial

Celia is a young mage, an apprentice of Master Milagros. She is in the same year as Call and harbors a crush on him.[1]


Iron Year

Celia is a legacy mage, whose great-aunt died in the Cold Massacre when she was just a baby,[2] so she was already aware of magic by the time she turned twelve, during which she was due for the Iron Trial for evaluation for admission to the Magisterium. After the Trials, Celia was picked by Master Milagros, and Celia became part of the same apprentice group as Jasper deWinter, Gwenda Mason, and Nigel.

Celia became good friends with her fellow Iron Years, and is even on good terms with the normally snippy Jasper, whom she helps train. While Celia seemed naturally nice to everyone, she quickly developed a very obvious crush on Callum Hunt. One of the first things she learned under the Masters' tutelage was the ability to summon animals from underground.[1]

Copper Year

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised.

Celia ran to greet Call and Havoc on their first day back at the Magisterium for their Copper Year. One evening, she saw Call on his way to the school grounds to walk Havoc and volunteered to accompany him. Celia joined their walks most nights after that. On another separate night, their discussion went to family, about how Call's father, Alastair—whom Celia remembers freaked out and made a scene during their Iron Trial—reacted to Havoc, to Call's dagger, his mother, then to the death of her great-aunt in the Cold Massacre. Celia told him that if given the chance, she would avenge her death and kill the Enemy herself, not knowing that Call was, in a way, the Enemy.

When Call returned with the others and news spread that they killed Constantine, Celia was so happy that she kissed Call in the Refectory, in front of everybody. Embarrassed, Celia immediately ran off afterwards.[2]

Bronze Year



Celia can be quite talkative, with a tendency to casually spread gossip among others.

Physical description

She has thick dirty blond hair and is usually seen wearing a hair clip. 

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