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Constantine Madden
SF 1Ch24, Enemy of Death mask

The Enemy's mask

Biographical Information
Status: Alive (soul separated from his preserved corpse into Call's body)
Also known as:

The Enemy of Death


Con (by Anastasia Tarquin)


The Magisterium (formerly)




Mage (Makar)


Master Rufus (formerly)
Master Joseph (formerly)


Mages (formerly)
Master Joseph (as Constantine Madden)


As Constantine Madden
Jericho Madden (brother)
Anastasia Tarquin (mother)
Alex Strike (step-brother)
As Callum Hunt
Sarah Hunt (mother)
Alastair Hunt (father)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Gray
Series Information

Constantine Madden is a powerful Makar, a former Magisterium apprentice and currently the enemy of the Assembly of Mages known as the Enemy of Death.


Constantine Madden was a mage who was eventually discovered to be capable of accessing the void and performing chaos magic, making him one of the very rare and powerful Makaris. By this time, Constantine was already a student at the Magisterium, fourteen years old at Silver Year. Constantine's twin brother, Jericho, agreed to become his counterweight, who would balance and help him control the chaos element, as Constantine agreed to work with the chaos expert Master Joseph to learn more about the void and its power.

Eventually, the apprentice and his Master grew obsessed with it, to the point where Constantine began putting pieces of the void into animals, making the first of the Chaos-ridden. At one point, he tried to perform an experiment that almost killed him. While he survived, his counterweight, his own brother, was destroyed. Motivated by his desire to have his brother back, Constantine began looking for ways to use chaos magic to perform necromancy, earning him the epithet "Enemy of Death" for trying to conquer it. He was unsuccessful, however, as he only succeeded in making Chaos-ridden people when he pushed chaos magic into humans, making them mindless and blindingly loyal to him.

His failures did not stop him. Rather, Constantine became more desperate, his intentions becoming more malevolent. When what he was doing was discovered by the Masters, they tried to strip him of his powers, to no avail. Joseph, still loyal to him, destroyed a wall of the Magisterium, the explosion supposedly nearly killing them both. The explosion mutilated and scarred Constantine's face, and he has since been wearing a silver mask.

During what came to be known as the Third Mage War, Constantine was set to go up against Verity Torres, the only other Makar of his generation. Constantine, however, went to the mountain at La Rinconada instead, where the mages in no condition to fight (the elderly, the children and some of their parents) were in hiding. There, Constantine was mortally wounded by the mages who put up a fight. At the brink of death, he transferred his soul into a vessel—the body of the infant named Callum Hunt.

According to Joseph, when Constantine transferred his soul, Call's was pushed out and technically died. Constantine's body was then brought to Joseph, who immediately realized that his soul was elsewhere and instantly went on a quest to find his new body. Somehow, his dying body was kept alive, preserved by Joseph and awaiting his return. For the next twelve years, however, Constantine, if his soul is awake or alive within Call, has yet to regain his memories and act on them, much to the surprise and dismay of his followers.[1]


Constantine was charming and charismatic to some. However, those close to him saw the cruelty he was capable of.

Physical description

Constantine had dark brown hair, gray eyes, and sharp features.



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