A Devoured is a human elemental—someone who, as a mage, gave oneself to an element.

When a mage draws too much power from one element or opens oneself up to it too much, the person may lose control due to the overwhelming power and eventually be drawn into it. His/her soul would be burned away and replaced by the element. [1] This usually happens when the mage does not have a counterweight, causing them to open themselves to the element. 

In the Magisterium, there are both elementals and Devoureds hidden away in cages. Ravan and Marcus, both devoureds of fire, were caged there.

The books mentioned two ways two become a Devoured with ease. One is to consume a bit of the element you're trying to manipulate. For example, for earth, people can eat some sad or rocks. Another way is to relax into using the element. These methods can be tempting, as was showed in The Iron Trial and The Copper Gauntlet.

Known Devoured


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