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Drew Wallace
Biographical Information
Full name: Unknown
Age: 12/13
Status: Deceased

The Magisterium in
Luray, Virginia (briefly)










Enemy of Death


Joseph (father)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Series Information

"Drew Wallace" was among the aspirants during Callum Hunt's year at the Iron Trial. He was accepted into the Magisterium and was chosen to become an apprentice of Master Lemuel, along with Rafe and Laurel. Out of the three, Drew was the only one who constantly complained of their Master's teaching techniques, claiming that he their training hurt and battered them.


In the beginning, Drew claimed to be someone with no magical relatives and thought the Iron Trial was a test to get into "pony school", highlighting his false ignorance. In truth, Drew is actually the son of Joseph, the former Magisterium Master who taught the Enemy of Death, Constantine Madden. He was brought in to spy on Call, whom they knew to be the Enemy, the man he, his father, Joseph, and the Chaos-ridden were devoted to.

In school, he downplayed his own magical knowledge abilities, which was actually exceptional, given his training with his father, knowing that revealing too much might make his Master suspect.

Upon hearing Call share a prophecy told to him and his co-apprentices, Aaron and Tamara by a Devoured, he realized that Call had no idea or recollection about him actually being Constantine. He immediately alerted his father by sneaking out of the Magisterium to send a message.

When he was discovered missing that night, the others became concerned and searched for him. Finally, Drew was found by Call, and he feigned fear, pretending to have tried to run away because he felt pressured by Lemuel, further asserting that Lemuel put him under constant stress to get him to perform magic better, and that he had also sometimes left him skip meals—a lie supported by Drew's undernourishment. Despite Rafe and Laurel's disagreement, Lemuel was sent out of school by the Assembly of Mages, and his apprentices were divided up and given to other Masters—Drew went to Milagros.

Shortly after it was revealed that Aaron was a Makar, and the champion of the Assembly against the Enemy, Drew and the chaos-ridden kidnapped him while out of the school grounds and brought him to the abandoned Mountain Bowling building—a nearby and temporary base of Joseph and his chaos-ridden. Through him, they lured Call, who, along with Tamara, went searching for Aaron, to Joseph so they could talk. However, before Drew could feed Aaron to a trapped chaos elemental, Call managed to divert his attention, allowing Tamara to free Aaron.

As the three attempted to leave, Drew destroyed the glass containing the chaos elemental and it went after them. Call and Havoc, his chaos-ridden pup, worked together to scare the chaos elemental into submission. After Drew called the elemental stupid, it was enraged and charged at him instead. Drew was devoured and killed by the elemental. Joseph, after saving Call, soon found Drew and was horrified. He mourned for him and briefly became angry at Call, only to concede to the belief that Drew's death would serve a greater purpose for Constantine.[1]

After Call was able to bring Aaron Stewart back from the dead without making him entirely chaos-ridden, Joseph insisted that Alex—because having Call do it could endanger Constantine—bring Drew back as well. Call pretended to be on board with his plan and taught Alex but later revealed to him that it would be impossible without Drew's body.[2]


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