Earth wants to bind.

–from the Cinquain, the Second Principle of Magic, The Iron Trial

Earth is the element of substance. In terms of magic, earth can be utilized as an element; mages can draw their power from it and manipulate it.

Magical uses

With earth magic, a mage can manipulate related minerals such as land forms, the soil, stones, rock formations, sand, iron, and metal—metal being a sort of expertise, specialty, or simply a subdivision of the element for those who have mastered it (some even being called metal shapers); mages can use these materials to shape and create. They can move these elements and other solid objects with their minds (with some air element involvement). Earth magic is also involved when using the metal in the earth to levitate.

Like all magical elements, a mage can call on less evident powers of the earth element: it can be used for "binding". They can also blend elemental magic to make plants grow, summon animals from underground, and using the magnetism of the earth to find paths, making it easy for earth mages to navigate and move through the earth. Earth magic can also be used in healing.

Mages can eat sand or rocks to draw power and magic from the element more effectively. This is a known technique with different modes for all elements, where a mage opens oneself and comes closer to an element, though this is also known to be quite dangerous and possibly overwhelming, with the risk of the mage losing control and the element drawing them in instead of drawing from it, burning away their soul and turning the mage into a "Devoured" earth elemental.

Air is the counterweight of earth. To prevent being drawn in by the earth element, a mage must reach for its counterweight by performing air magic, and vice versa. This also means that earth and air is most effective against each other and can be used when fighting respective elementals.


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