Fire wants to burn.

–from the Cinquain, the Second Principle of Magic, The Iron Trial

Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion that releases heat, light, and various reaction products. In terms of magic, fire can be utilized as an element; mages can draw their power from it and manipulate it.

Magical uses

Fire magic can be used to start a fire, to light up a space, and warm a room, among various other uses. A mage can manipulate the way this element moves, as well as its color and the intensity of its heat or temperature. One can also manipulate and shape fire into orbs or fireballs.

Like all magical elements, a mage can call on less evident powers from the fire element: it can be shaped into prophecies. Training with the element can also impart a certain level of resistance or even immunity to extreme heats, such as those from fire or lava.

Mages can eat matches in order to draw more fire magic more easily. This is a known technique with different modes for all elements, where a mage opens oneself and comes closer to an element, though this is also known to be quite dangerous and possibly overwhelming, with the risk of the element drawing them in instead of drawing from it, turning the mage into a "Devoured" fire elemental.

Fire is the counterweight, or opposite, of the water element. If a mage were to feel like they were being drawn into the fire element, they can try to reach for said element by performing water magic to save their soul, and vice versa. This also means that fire and water is most effective against each other and can be used when fighting respective elementals.

Known fire elementals


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