The Gables
SF 2Ch03 Gables
Type: Residence
Location: Washington DC, Virginia
Affiliation: |

The Gables is the name of the home of the Rajavis. It is located in Arlington County in Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. Stebbins works as a butler here. The Gables offers swimming and riding, among other activities. It also has a secret room, hidden with magic. The adult Rajavis use it for meetings and think that Tamara does not know about it, which she does. It is found through a system of small hallways, hidden within the walls of the house. These tunnels can be used to listen to anyone, anywhere within the house.

The Copper Gauntlet

Aaron Stewart spent the summer with the Rajavis, invited by his friend Tamara Rajavi and her parents. Shortly before the start of their second school year, Callum Hunt snuck into the mansion on a day a party was being hosted by the Rajavis. The group stayed there until it was time or them to return to the Magisterium.

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