The Gallery is a sort of game room for the amusement of the students at the Magisterium. It is mostly unsupervised and is filled with exotic activities and snacks, even including a large lake where the students are allowed to swim and play in.

Some of its served snacks include the fizzy drink, shiny rocks spun out of sugar, pretzels in the shape of alchemical symbols and sparkling with salt, dark gold food that looked like crispy potato chips but tasted like buttered popcorn, and many more.

SF 1Ch08, Call and Celia

Celia showing Call a fizzy drink.

One of its main highlights is the movie that plays on one crystal wall. Students who have mastered air magic, such as Alex Strike, project images for students to watch. Talented air mages sometimes manipulated scenes themselves- putting themselves and other students into the film.

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