Greta Kuzminski
Biographical Information
Status: Devoured

Tampa, Florida


Human (former)


Mage (former)


Student (former)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Eye color: Brown
Series Information
Appeared in:

The Golden Tower

Then he ought to be stopped. I like frogs. They're my friends.

–Greta, The Golden Tower

Greta Kuzminski was a mage at the Magisterium during Alastair Hunt's year.


As a student, Greta was known to be crabby and unfriendly. At one point, the Assembly of Mages made a deal with her during the Third Mage War, wanting her on their side in the war against Constantine Madden, but the Assembly betrayed her after, breaking all the promises they'd made. She eventually became a Devoured of earth.

Greta moved to Florida and made a home in a sinkhole near Tampa. Over fifteen years after the truce, she was approached by the Makar Callum Hunt and his friends, asking for help against the chaos Devoured Alex Strike. Call was able to convince her by suggesting that her help would force the Assembly to acknowledge her contribution and admit their shame for what they did to her. She wanted acknowledgment that the Devoured were not monsters and shouldn't be treated as such. She gave them a geode-like quartz to summon her for the battle.

After the battle was won, Greta and the other Devoured quickly left in fear of being locked up, but she her deal with Call was brought up with William Rufus and a better system for dealing with the Devoured was going to be worked out at the upcoming meeting.

Physical description

Greta looks like a giant with a body made of rocks, dirt, and mud, and she has brown eyes. She is in tune with nature and the earth elements around her—she can go from shedding worms and fish and smelling like garbage, to sprouting flowers and mushrooms.

When she emerges from her hiding place in the Sopchoppy River, her movements ripple through the water and create a sinkhole-like effect.


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