Jasper deWinter
CJ Jasper 01
Biographical Information
Age: 15
Status: Alive

Magisterium in Luray, Virginia






Magisterium apprentice


Bronze Year


Master Milagros


Assembly of Mages

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Series Information

Jasper deWinter is a mage in the same year as Callum Hunt and the others. He is an apprentice under Master Milagros.


Early life

Jasper was born to a Japanese mother and an American father. A legacy, Jasper comes from a long line of mages, though his family lost their fortune and reputation in the Second Mage War after the new Enterprise Laws were passed, forbidding the use of magic to make money in the non-magical world. Because of this, Jasper is intent on helping his family regain their good name by becoming the best mage of his time, gaining friends with relatives of high rank, and using his parents measly connections to get invited into formal parties.

He and fellow young mage Tamara Rajavi are childhood friends.

Iron Year

Coming to the Iron Trial when he was twelve, he hoped to be chosen by Master Rufus, whom he considered the most prestigious Master at the Magisterium. Much to his dismay, Callum Hunt was chosen by Rufus instead of him, despite Jasper placing third while Callum came last in the Trial rankings, and a rivalry has since developed.

Dedicated on improving his magic, Jasper asked his fellow apprentice Celia for help, and the pair has been spending nights at the Library to train and read up on magic.

Because of his anger—and jealousy—of Call, he constantly tortures the other boy with his snide comments. Eventually, Tamara became upset with him and publicly humiliated him while he was in the middle of bullying Call, resulting in a falling out between the former friends.

Copper Year

Jasper, convinced that Call would do something about his father's predicament, followed him and his friends, Aaron Stewart and Tamara, just as they were sneaking out of the Magisterium. He threatened to tell their Masters, but yielded when Call joked about killing him and Aaron threatened him with chaos magic. Instead, the three decided they would take Jasper with them to be sure.

During the trip, Jasper saw Call take command over the chaos-ridden and was there for his admission that he had the soul of the Enemy of Death. After the destruction of the Enemy's corpse, they witnessed Call release his newly-acquired chaos magic and accidentally destroy his tomb.

Once back at the Magisterium, the group was placed under trial. Before it ended, Jasper blurted out that the others were keeping a very important detail from them. Call feared that he would tell them about his soul, but instead, Jasper revealed that Call was now also a Makar.


Jasper is usually rude and snarky. He does not like showing weakness and emotions. According to Aaron, Jasper becomes mean whenever he is nervous.




Jasper and Call started out as rivals, though mostly one-sided as it was Jasper who felt robbed by Call of his position as Rufus's apprentice, jealous of everything he could learn from the mage. Eventually, after some accidental adventures with him, they have grown to respect each other as friends and allies. Even when Jasper found out about Call being a vessel for Constantine, he decided to keep the secret.

Jasper and Tamara are childhood friends. They had a brief falling out in their Iron Year when Jasper picked on Call, but Jasper made amends with her and Call, not wanting to lose their friendship.