Kimiya Rajavi
Biographical Information
Age: 17/18
Status: Alive





Magisterium apprentice (former)




Master Rockmaple (former)


Alex Strike

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Series Information

Kimiya Rajavi is the older sister of Tamara and the former girlfriend of Alex Strike. At the Magisterium, she was two years ahead of Tamara and trained under Master Rockmaple.


Early life

Tamara is Muslim and is of Iranian descent.[1][2] She is a legacy, a child of two Assembly members. She has two sisters: Ravan and Tamara. When she was young, her sister Ravan became Devoured because of her practices at the Magisterium.

Kimiya attended the Magisterium two years before her younger sister,[3][4] Tamara. Tamara was very proud of Kimiya's success and saw her as a role model. Kimiya kept a watchful eye on Tamara and her progress, as, just like her parents, she had high expectations of her.[5]

Tamara's friends

During the summer holidays before her Bronze Year, Kimiya's boyfriend Alex Strike stayed with them in their family home, the Gables. Just before school began, her parents advised the couple to take a break in their relationship as they thought they were moving too fast. Alex suspected that this was a political decision due to his lack of connections and his stepmother Anastasia Tarquin. He hoped that Kimiya would stand up for him, which she couldn't, and the couple promptly broke up.[3] Some time after, the pair eventually made up and remained friends.

During her Gold Year, Kimiya's best friend Jennifer Matsui was murdered. Later, when the younger Celia spread word of Aaron's father being in prison, Kimiya immediately told her parents and tried to get Tamara to avoid Aaron, whom she called out as dangerous and a liar. Jen's death was later blamed on Callum Hunt who held the soul of the Enemy of Death, even though it was in fact Alex who killed her.[4]

Enemy of Death

During the vacation after she graduated from the Magisterium, she taught Tamara how to drive to distract her from thinking about Aaron and Call.

Kimiya joined Alex's side moments before the battle between his forces and the Assembly's, wanting death destroyed as well. When the side of the Assembly waved a flag for parlay to speak to Call before the battle, Kimiya told them that it had been Tamara's idea to trust him. Her sister Ravan, who had been Devoured years before, came to bring Call to the site of parlay; Kimiya spitefully called her a monster.

Kimiya privately told Alex about the Assembly's desire to make Call sacrifice himself, prompting Alex to trust that Call would return to them. She asked Call about Tamara, worried that her sister would join the battle, but Call ignored her.

After their battle was lost to Call's tricks, Kimiya and Alex managed to escape and were not among the traitors apprehended by the Assembly.[6]

Physical description

Kimiya is tall, slim,[5] and has long black hair.[5][4] She is said to often be serious-looking and quite intimidating, particularly to Call.[5] She is also said to be very pretty.[3] She greatly resembles her younger sister, Tamara.



  • Kimiya was implied to have only been a Copper Year in The Iron Trial, making her only a year ahead of Tamara and Call. This seems to have been changed in later installments.