Kylie Myles
Biographical Information
Age: 15
Status: Alive

Asheville, North Carolina




Potential mage




Failed the Iron Trial


Unnamed parents

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blond
Series Information
Appeared in:

Kylie Myles is a girl who goes to the old school Callum Hunt used to go to and was in the same grade as him.


The Iron Trial

On the day of the Iron Trial, Kylie and Call were at school, waiting for their parents to pick them up to go to the Trial. Unlike Call, however, Kylie did not know that the Trial was for the magic school called Magisterium. Instead, she and her non-mage parents believed it was ballet tryouts. Nonetheless, Kylie was invited because she displayed a potential to become a mage.

Knowing that Call would be at the test with her, Kylie made sure to pay better attention to him that she ever had, just before she left school with her parents. Her teacher, Ms. Kemal, wished her good luck at the tryouts, which Kylie did not give much notice to. Instead, she looked intently at Call, whom she had always ignored beforehand, and waved good-bye before she left. Surprised by this, Call immediately suspected that Kylie was off to the Trial. He planned to warn her about magic, though before he could get to them, Call's own father arrived to pick him up.

Call's suspicions proved true when they saw each other at the Trial. However, she reverted back to her arrogant old self when Kylie, hoping to make a good first impression with the others, avoided Call for already embarrassing himself in front of the other aspirants, even though the tests weren't done yet and her spot in the school wasn't guaranteed. While Call was chosen, Kylie was not accepted, much to her dismay. Apparently, Kylie was among those who went away crying at their failure to get into the Magisterium.

The Copper Gauntlet

While Call was at Asheville for the summer following his first year at the Magisterium, Kylie saw and recognized him at a park while she was taking her dog out for a walk. With no memory of the magic she had seen that day, she instead inquired about the ballet school and was surprised that Call got in, considering his condition. Their conversation was cut short when Havoc arrived. Because of Havoc's sheer size and his appearance, Kylie ran away, screaming in fear.


  • Her family owns a red Toyota.
  • According to Call, Kylie's defining characteristics, aside from never looking at him, were her shining blond hair and her unicorn backpack.
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