The Magisterium
Type: Academy
Location: Luray, Virginia (among others)
Inhabitants: Mages

The Magisteriums are academies for the training of young mages, hidden in secret locations underground. The first Magisterium was founded by Phillippus Paracelsus.


The wristband of Constantine Madden.

Before acceptance, the potential mage must pass a test called the Iron Trial. Here, the young mages are ranked and briefed about their nature. Those who meet the requirements will then assuredly find a spot at the Magisterium, where they will be trained as apprentices by the Masters who choose them for the year. Once chosen, attendance for the mage is compulsory for the first year. After passing the first/Iron year, when the mage has been trained enough to not be a threat to anyone, including themselves, the following years are optional.

The Masters at the Magisterium have five years to train their apprentices. Students chosen for the Magisterium are each issued a leather wristband, with a large piece of hammered metal around it (beginning with iron, and the subsequent metals would be placed over each other as they progressed through the years), as well as colored tunic uniforms that is changed every year to reflect their level.

Year Year and Metal Tunic
1 Iron Gray
2 Copper Green
3 Bronze Blue
4 Silver White
5 Gold Red

On their wristband are spaces where affinity stones—gemstones representing the mastery of an element or completion of a task relating to the element—can be affixed: blue for water-related accomplishments, red for fire, green for earth, white for air, and the rare black onyx for those who can access the fifth element, chaos.[1] A tanzanite, a purple-blue stone, which represents "ultimate bravery", is occasionally, and very rarely, rewarded to people who achieve a great victory in the cause of the Magisterium.[2]

Call standing before the First Gate.

At the end of every year at the Magisterium, students will go through a gate and receive a new metal, to be placed partly over the old one, for their wristbands that would formally confer upon them their new year status.

The Gates of Magic can only work and even be seen as activated when the mage that will pass through is deemed ready, signifying that the apprentice has learned what he/she needed to that year.

  1. Gate of Control: When the mage has learned enough control to no longer be a danger to the world or himself/herself, they will be able to pass through the First Gate, formally making them full-fledged mages whose magic can no longer be bound by Masters. This gate can be found in the Hall of Graduates. When a mage is ready to pass through the gate, he/she can read the words Prima Materia carved on top.

Upon graduation, mages leave their literal marks on the school through handprints, with their names carved right over, on the walls of the Hall of Graduates. They then become journeymen, and may go on to study at the Collegium.


It has a series of complex tunnels, caverns and rivers and is hidden within a mountain, extending deep underground. On the outside, it is surrounded by a huge expanse of forest and is only a few miles from the highway. Technology also does not work within the Magisterium's walls as the concentration of elemental magic interferes with it.

Below are a few of the rooms and other features found in the Magisterium:


It has been stated that there is more than one Magisterium in the world. The only one known at the moment is found in Luray, Virginia. The Magisterium also has supply lines and safe houses across the globe.



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