When Constantine became a Makar, it was because there was a danger to his brother. Jericho was attacked by a rogue elemental in the caverns, and Constantine — made it disappear.

Alastair Hunt about the possible nature of becoming a Makar, The Copper Gauntlet

The Makar, also known as the Makari(s), are rare and powerful mages who can access the void and perform chaos magic. They are thought to "bring something from nothing", hence the term "Makaris", derived from "Makers."[1]

Known Makaris


  • Some mages believe that chaos magic should not ever be used and thus condemn Makaris; they believe that the practice should be stopped, and they do not celebrate the discovery of a Makar. European nations are particularly hostile towards Makaris and kill them.[3][4]
  • Makaris lose their power over the void and die when the Alkahest is used on them.[5]


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