Master Joseph
Biographical Information
Full name: Joseph A. Walther
Status: Deceased
  • Magisterium in Virginia (former)
  • The Enemy's tomb (former)
  • Anastasia's safe house (former)





Teacher (former)



Notable apprentices:
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Series Information
Appeared in:
No, Callum Hunt. I am not the Enemy of Death. You are.

Master Joseph A. Walther is a former teacher at the Magisterium. He is the father of Drew Wallace, at least one other unnamed son[1], and the mentor of the Enemy of Death.


Obsession with Chaos

Joseph was an expert on the chaos element, though unable to experiment with it as he was not a Makar. However, when Joseph discovered that a student at the Magisterium was a Makar, he took advantage and requested to train the boy—a request which was subsequently approved. He began training the Makar Constantine Madden and convinced his apprentice and the boy's brother, Jericho, to become his counterweight.

Eventually, they began experimenting with chaos, beginning with the creation Chaos-ridden animals, until Constantine inadvertently killed Jericho. They continued with their experiments, which had grown worse after Jericho's death, until they were discovered by the Masters. Joseph blasted a hole in a wall of the Magisterium to help Constantine escape, scarring his face in the process. Because of this, he began to don a silver mask that became the face of the Enemy of Death (because everyone believed it was Constantine that was scarred during the blast).

Enemy of Death

During the Cold Massacre of the Third Mage War, Joseph in Constantine's place fought Verity Torres and killed her on the battlefield, though the ruse was later discovered when his mask fell off. Meanwhile in La Rinconada, Constantine was mortally wounded and, in a last desperate move attempting to beat death, put his soul in the body of an infant named Callum Hunt. When Constantine's body was brought back to him, Joseph immediately realized that his soul was elsewhere and instantly went on a quest to find his new body.

During this time, Joseph kept up the ruse that the Enemy of Death was alive by continuing to impersonate him under his mask. He signed the Treaty with the Assembly of Mages, in an attempt to cover up over a decade of silence during the real Constantine's absence.

Callum Hunt

Finally, Joseph found Call at his school scaring away bullies with his first mini-earthquake. Joseph kept his distance, believing that the boy was Constantine, that he was fully aware of who he was, and that he was intentionally hiding behind the face of the boy for some reason or plan, simply biding his time and would contact them if he wanted to be spoken to.

Later, after bring informed by his son, Drew, of Call's unawareness of the situation, they captured the new Makar Aaron Stewart to lure Call to their lair. There, Joseph confronted Call and told him the truth, but not before saving Call from a chaos elemental and witnessing the death of his son, which he briefly blamed on Call in anger, though he quickly regained his composure and bowed before Call. Their conversation was then cut short by Tamara and Aaron crashing the roof to rescue Call and signal their masters. Joseph then disappeared, seemingly happy that he was able to give Call his message and tell him, particularly the part of Constantine still dormant inside him, what he needed to know about himself.[2]


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