Mr. Rajavi
Biographical Information
Full name: Unknown
Status: Alive

The Gables in Arlington County, Virginia






Assembly of Mages


Mrs. Rajavi (wife)
Ravan Rajavi (daughter)
Kimiya Rajavi (daughter)
Tamara Rajavi (daughter)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Series Information

Mr. Rajavi is a member of the Assembly of Mages, along with his wife. He is the father of RavanKimiya, and Tamara Rajavi.


Devoured child

The Rajavis' eldest child, Ravan, was seemingly the perfect child. He and his wife raved about her, very proud of her achievements and abilities. However, when Ravan was Devoured, they were so devastated that it had become an unspoken rule among the family that no one would speak about or even mention her.[1]

Enemy's "death"

For the summer following Tamara's first year at the Magisterium, they let her friend Aaron Stewart—recently discovered to be a Makar—stay over at their home at the Gables. Though they did not say it, it was evident to everyone, even Aaron, that they did this because of the power it gave them to be close to the Makar. When the third of the children's group of friends, Callum Hunt, arrived during a party they were throwing. When When their pet Havoc pounced on Aaron, asusming he was being attacked, Mr. Rajavi tried to pull the wolf away. Because Call had nowhere to go and was friends with both Tamara and Aaron, they also allowed him to stay for the rest of the summer. They even bought both boys expensive clothes.

During this time, Kimiya's boyfriend Alex Strike also stayed with them. On the day the children were set to return to the Magisterium together, Alex got into an argument with him and his wife. Because of a prior disagreement the elder Rajavis had with Alex's stepmother Anastasia Tarquin, they urged the younger couple to break up, causing a drift between them when Kimiya found herself unable to stand up to her parents for him.

Months later, when the trio was returned to the Magisterium after their escape to look for Alastair and the Alkahest, Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi were among the present Assembly members. When Call revealed that they had killed the Enemy of Death, he and his wife looked at Tamara in awe, pleased about her involvement in the feat.[2]


Like his wife, he tends to mix work and family, making decisions despite the other to achieve political success and rank. Nonetheless, he loves his daughters dearly and cares very much about their safety and success.

Phisycal description

He is handsome, with brown skin and dark hair.


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