Mrs. Rajavi
Biographical Information
Full name: Unknown
Status: Alive

The Gables in Arlington County, Virginia






Assembly of Mages


Mr. Rajavi (husband)
Ravan Rajavi (daughter)
Kimiya Rajavi (daughter)
Tamara Rajavi (daughter)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Series Information

Mrs Rajavi is an Assembly member along with her husband. She is the mother of Ravan, Kimiya, and Tamara.



Once upon a time, she and her husband were very proud of their eldest child, the achiever Ravan. However, when she was Devoured, they stopped talking about her entirely.

She and her husband attended Tamara's Iron Trial. Though she placed first, tied with Aaron Stewart, they were not pleased that she was not picked first by Master Rufus. At the end of the year, when it was revealed that Aaron, Tamara's friend and co-apprentice under Rufus, was the Makar, they were pleased that their daughter was friends with him.[1]

Missing Alkahest

The summer before Tamara's second year, they threw big parties attended by various mages. They then allowed Tamara's friends, Callum Hunt and the infamous new Makar Aaron, to stay at their home, the Gables, even buying them new clothes they did not have upon their arrival there. Technically, their invitation for Aaron to stay with them was strategic, wanting the connection with him.

Also with them was Kimiya's boyfriend, Alex Strike, whom they shunned during the later part of their vacation because of his stepmother, Anastasia Tarquin, with whom they had a disagreement in a recent political matter. Kimiya gave her parents the cold treatment for this and left for school without bidding them farewell.

When she noticed Semiramis in Call's bag, she told him that she remembered her mother and told him what semiramis meant.

Months later, when the trio was returned to the Magisterium after their escape to look for Alastair and the Alkahest, Mrs. Rajavi was among the Assembly members in attendance. When Call revealed that they had killed the Enemy of Death, she and her husband looked at Tamara in awe, pleased about her involvement in the feat.[2]


Like her husband, she tends to mix work with family decisions to achieve political success and rank.

Physical description

She has brown skin and a long, black hair. She is beautiful, though she looks severe.


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