Mrs. Tisdale was an old woman who rented out the barn behind her house to Alastair Hunt. She was secretly a mage who has abandoned the magical community.


Knowing that the barn was the place Alastair went to most, Call and his friends went to her house while searching for him. Havoc immediately detected her magic, howling at her when he saw her. Tamara later discovered that she was a mage. Tisdale then threatened to call the Masters of the Magisterium but agreed not to when Call promised that they would leave the next morning.

Later that night, the barn was attacked by Automotones. Call tried to save her using earth magic but she told him to save himself and his friends instead. She revealed to him that she was the one who locked up Havoc in the basement of Call's house weeks before and that she knew that he was the Enemy of Death.

Physical description

Mrs. Tisdale had tangled gray hair and green eyes.


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