Master North is one of the senior mage Masters and is the head of the Magisterium.


He was present at the Iron Trial of Callum Hunt's batch of aspirants, during which he made the opening address. North did not take any apprentices that year. He also welcomed the new apprentices at the gates of the Magisterium, briefing them about magic.

A few weeks later, North returned from a mission with a bunch of older students wounded from an encounter with apparently eccentric elementals, North ordered the watching Iron Years to disperse. Master North also later presented the Iron Years with their first exercise. During a meeting with the other Masters of the Magisterium, North broke up an argument about Makaris and the Enemy by bringing up a different topic.

When Drew Wallace went missing one evening, North and Rufus came to fetch Call from his bedroom so they could help in the search for Drew. When he first arrived, he noted and appreciated Call's preparedness training, but chastised him for his disobedience. When Drew was found, Master North carried the seemingly weakened boy. During the announcement that Aaron Stewart was a Makar, North sat next to him and gave Aaron and Rufus silent instructions.[1]

Physical description

North was described as a big, wide-shouldered, tall man with a hawkish nose and shaggy, graying brown hair shot through with threads of silver.


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