SF 3Ch16 Call and Anastasia

Call and Anastasia inside the Panopticon.

Type: Prison
Head: Assembly of Mages
Affiliation: Assembly of Mages
The Panopticon is a prison for mages.[1] The Panopticon was known to be a place where a person was always watched or monitored. It is a huge gray stone building in the shape of a circle, like an upside-down bucket. Presumably, it is run by the Assembly.

While the Panopticon was built to be resistant to magic, it could not withstand an attack by a Devoured of fire.[2] Despite large amounts of damage, it was still able to be rebuilt in time to house Anastasia and the other mages who turned to the Enemy of Death's side after Aaron Stewart was resurrected.[3]

Known prisoners


  1. The Copper Gauntlet
  2. The Silver Mask
  3. The Golden Tower
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