Ravan Rajavi
Biographical Information
Status: Devoured



Human (former)


Mage (former)


Student (former)


Mr. Rajavi (father)
Mrs. Rajavi (mother)
Tamara Rajavi (sister)
Kimiya Rajavi (sister)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Series Information

Ravan Rajavi was the eldest of the Rajavi children, older than Kimiya and Tamara.


Ravan was the older sister of both Kimiya and Tamara. She was an outstanding mage, one who aspired to be even better, to be considered among the great mages. Her parents, especially her father, were so proud of her that they encouraged her younger sisters to be more like her. Eventually, Ravan, having trained and pushed her magic too extensively,[1] was subsequently Devoured by the fire element.[2] After the incident, she became such a touchy subject among the family she left behind, to the extent where neither of her parents would even mention her anymore.

During her younger sister Tamara's first year at the Magisterium, she told her friends Call and Aaron bits of information she knew about devouring, and being devoured by, elements through her experience with Ravan. She was later prompted to tell them the whole truth about her.[1]

During Tamara's Bronze Year at the Magisterium, the siblings were reunited when they stumbled upon Ravan at the lower levels of the school where the elementals were being kept. Ravan was there with another Devoured, Marcus.[2]


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