SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised.
Sarah Hunt
Biographical Information
Full name: Sarah Hunt
Status: Deceased





Master Rufus (formerly)


Alastair Hunt (husband)
Callum Hunt (son)
Declan Novak † (brother)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Series Information

Sarah Hunt (née Novak) was the wife of Alastair, the mother of Callum Hunt, and the sister of Declan Novak.


At the Magisterium, Sarah trained as an apprentice of Master Rufus, along with Alastair. Both were the best in their class and held the best marks in their year's Iron Trial. Having excelled at shaping ore summoned deep from the ground, in their last year at the academy, she made a dagger with the waters of the Butterfly Pool and named it Semiramis. Sarah hoped that if she had to die, she would die holding the weapon.

Sarah was able to fulfill this. When Master Rufus insisted that she and her son, Call, be hidden with the other mages at La Rinconada in Peru, Alastair obliged and sent them there, with the others who were deemed better kept safe rather than involved in the Great Battle against the Enemy of Death and his army. Unfortunately, the Enemy became aware of their location and attacked them—the slaughter would later become known as the Cold Massacre. Though they put up a fight, Sarah was among the many casualties in the battle.

During the confrontation, Sarah realized that the injured Enemy transferred his soul onto the body of her own son, Call. She promptly dropped him on the cave's floor, breaking his leg but not killing him. As she died, she carved the words "KILL THE CHILD" with Semiramis into the wall next to her with every bit of her strength.

When Alastair arrived, he promised her that he would raise their son knowing how brave she was and how she died protecting him. This changed, however, when Alastair took Semiramis from her hand and saw her message. Because of this, Alastair decided not to tell Call about the nature of her death, or much anything else about her, except that she died because of a war fought by mages.

Physical description

Sarah is said to have been pretty and had the same dark hair as her son, Call.