SF 1Ch03 Semiramis
Also Known As: Miri
Creator: Sarah Hunt
Original owner/s: Sarah Hunt
Notable past owner/s: Alastair Hunt
Current owner/s: Callum Hunt
Source: Butterfly Pool in
the Magisterium
Type: Knife

Semiramis, also known as Miri, is the knife that Sarah Hunt made while she was a student at the Magisterium, with water from the school's Butterfly Pool.

Sarah said that if she were to die, she would want to have the knife in her hand. This was fulfilled when they were attacked at La Rinconada in Peru and Sarah was overpowered by their enemies. Weakened and at the brink of death, Sarah wrote "KILL THE CHILD", referring to her own son Callum, on the cave's ice wall, using the knife.

Upon her death, her husband Alastair, who ignored the message and raised the child, found the knife and kept it with him for over a decade. When their son Call was accepted into the Magisterium, Alastair threw the knife to him before they were separated after the Iron Trial.

Call kept the sword and has used it at times, having used the blade to kill a wyvern at one point and to hang up on Master Rufus's ether phone at another. He even slept with it to keep it close to him. Call's friend Tamara Rajavi dubbed it "Miri", and Call has referred to it as such since.


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