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03:12, July 8, 2018FOAwordmark.png (file)27 KBRwtia64 (Reverted to version as of 08:37, July 6, 2018)
03:11, July 8, 2018SCwordmark.png (file)20 KBRwtia64 
03:08, July 8, 2018SHwordmark.png (file)9 KBRwtia64 
06:39, March 31, 2018The Golden Tower cover.jpg (file)336 KBRwtia64 (source: [ Cassandra Clare on Instagram] Category:Images of book covers)
04:12, December 1, 2017Wiki-background (file)131 KBRwtia64 
10:53, March 4, 2017The Silver Mask cover.png (file)1.58 MBRwtia64 
12:36, October 29, 2016SF 2Ch14, Alkahest.png (file)127 KBRwtia64 
03:24, July 5, 2016SF 1Ch08, Call and Celia.png (file)211 KBRwtia64 (Chapter photo for Chapter 8 of ''The Iron Trial'', featuring Callum Hunt and Celia. Illustrated by Alexandre Chaudret)
10:52, June 11, 2016SF 1Ch04, Jasper.png (file)117 KBRwtia64 (Chapter art by Alexandre Chaudret.)
10:52, June 11, 2016SF 1Ch09, Jasper and Tamara.png (file)206 KBRwtia64 (Chapter art by Alexandre Chaudret.)
12:46, January 10, 2016SF 2Ch11.png (file)240 KBRwtia64 
06:38, September 6, 2015SF 1Ch17, Call and Havoc.png (file)151 KBRwtia64 
16:48, September 5, 2015SF 2Ch04, Aaron.png (file)333 KBRwtia64 
16:39, September 5, 2015SF 2Ch08.png (file)247 KBRwtia64 
15:32, September 5, 2015SF 1Ch24, Enemy of Death mask.png (file)133 KBRwtia64 
15:21, September 5, 2015SF 1Ch16, Chaos-ridden.png (file)140 KBRwtia64 
14:59, September 5, 2015SF 1Ch10, elemental.png (file)182 KBRwtia64 
14:53, September 5, 2015SF 1Ch12, Warren.png (file)141 KBRwtia64 
08:23, May 25, 2015The Copper Gauntlet cover, UK.jpg (file)109 KBRwtia64 
05:38, March 11, 2015The Iron Trial cover, German.jpg (file)65 KBRwtia64 
05:31, March 11, 2015The Iron Trial cover, UK.jpg (file)680 KBRwtia64 
13:02, October 16, 2014The Iron Trial cover, Italian.jpeg (file)151 KBRwtia64 
11:10, October 7, 2014SF 1Ch01, Call.png (file)98 KBRwtia64 
10:53, October 7, 2014SF 1Ch14, Verity Torres.png (file)751 KBRwtia64 
19:19, September 27, 2014SF 1Ch02, Master Rufus.png (file)165 KBRwtia64 
19:07, September 27, 2014Element quincunx.png (file)12 KBRwtia64 
09:19, September 8, 2014SF 1Ch25, Call and the Iron Gate.png (file)433 KBRwtia64 
07:52, August 2, 2014SF 1Ch20, Apprentice wristband.png (file)144 KBRwtia64 
00:50, July 22, 2014Airtrial.png (file)1.32 MBRwtia64 
00:50, July 22, 2014CJ Aaron 01.jpg (file)153 KBRwtia64 
00:37, July 22, 2014CJ Tamara 01.jpg (file)177 KBRwtia64 
20:49, July 11, 2014CJ Havoc 01.jpg (file)52 KBRwtia64 
20:44, July 11, 2014CJ Call 02.jpg (file)113 KBRwtia64 
00:49, March 28, 2014The Iron Trial cover.png (file)769 KBRwtia64 
15:12, November 8, 2013CJ Call 01.jpg (file)93 KBRwtia64 
23:04, November 7, 2013TMW button.png (file)13 KBRwtia64 
21:55, November 7, 2013Magisterium Teaser Art.jpg (file)519 KBRwtia64 
21:25, November 7, 2013Favicon.ico (file)1 KBRwtia64 

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