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* ''[[The Bronze Key]]''
* ''[[The Bronze Key]]''
* ''[[The Silver Mask]]''
* ''[[The Silver Mask]]''
* The Golden Tower

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Tamara Rajavi
CJ Tamara 01
Biographical Information
Age: 15
Status: Alive





Magisterium apprentice




Master Rufus


Assembly of Mages

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Series Information
I don't care about appearances. I don't want to be the person who just gets things done. I want to do the right thing. I don't care if we have to lie or cheat or cut corners or break rules to do it.

–Tamara to Call, The Iron Trial

Tamara Rajavi is a mage. At the Magisterium, she was an apprentice under the tutelage of Master Rufus with the two Makaris of their generation, Callum Hunt and Aaron Stewart.


Early life

Tamara is a Muslim mage of Iranian descent who was born in America.[1][2][3] She is a legacy, a child of two Assembly members whose expectations of them exceed their own and are, thus, put under constant pressure. She is the youngest in the family, having two older sisters: Ravan and Kimiya. When she was young, her sister Ravan became Devoured because of her practices at the Magisterium.

Tamara is also childhood friends with fellow legacy mage Jasper deWinter.

Iron Year

At twelve years old, it was finally time for Tamara to go to the Magisterium, just a year after her sister, Kimiya. She undertook the Iron Trial, wherein Tamara was ranked first in her year, alongside Aaron Stewart. She was then one of the three Iron Year mages chosen by Master Rufus—considered one of the most prestigious Masters—to become his apprentice, along with Aaron and Callum Hunt who, in contrast to her and Aaron, ranked last on the scoring list.

Tamara initially clashed and did not get along with Call, who was a skeptic when it came to magic. Nonetheless, Tamara publicly chastised Jasper for his maltreatment of Call and his general arrogance. Eventually, during the course of their Iron Year, the three began to develop some degree of friendship as they figured out how to work together to accomplish Rufus's odd training exercises.

The three apprentices often envied the other apprentice groups because, from their point of view, the others were learning more than them while they were instructed to do a strange, seemingly pointless activity, one of which was sorting through piles of sand, which they had to repeat at a more difficult level than the last every time they finished.

Though Tamara did not want to cheat or cut corners like her sister had, fearing what it could do to her, she and her fellow apprentices grew tired during one session and she suggested that they eat sand to become closer to the element and speed up their progress, failing to warn them about the risks because of her unwillingness to tell them about Ravan. They were caught by Rufus, and when he called Call, she and Aaron assumed that he was chastised because of her suggestion and that he had gotten mad; because of this, they avoided him in shame, until she and Aaron backed Call up, and the the three finally spoke about it and made up.

Her family had high expectations of Tamara, which she struggled to overcome. Once, Kimiya lectured her about wasting her time hanging out at the Gallery instead of studying or practicing her magic.

Despite their lack of confidence and distaste for their training, Tamara was ecstatic about their first test, which involved fighting elementals. The children were surprised to find themselves at an advantage against their fellow Iron Year students during the competition and even won. They later learned that their training taught them much more than they realized, particularly control.

When Call snuck in a chaos-ridden wolf into the Magisterium, she and Aaron came to see Havoc as a pet as well.

Later, when Aaron, whom was revealed to be a Makar, went missing, she and Call snuck out to search for him. They followed Havoc to a large building: a derelict bowling alley called Mountain Bowling. There, Tamara and Call rescued Aaron from Drew and Master Joseph. Aaron and Tamara escaped ahead of Call, and they brought the building's sign down to tear down the roof and rescue him.

Rufus then took the three of them to the First Gate. They found the gate activated, which meant that they had learned the lessons they needed to learn for their Iron Year and were "ready", though the school year had yet to end and even slightly earlier than the other students. They passed through the gate and were given their Copper Year wristbands afterwards.

Copper Year

For the summer break after their Iron Year, her parents invited Aaron to stay at their house at the Gables; her parents were pleased about her friendship with the Makar and wanted to establish further connections with him. During a party thrown by her parents, Call arrived after escaping her father, though he didn't tell them why he left their home. The three friends remained together for the rest of the break, and they returned to the Magisterium together for the second year.

When the Alkahest went missing, Call told them that he believed that his father, Alastair, may have had something to do with it. Despite asking them to keep the information for themselves, not wanting to endanger his father, Tamara immediately told Master Rufus. Despite Call's anger, she stuck with her decision, knowing that not doing so put Aaron's life at risk. When Call planned to go off on his own to find his father, Tamara and Aaron insisted on tagging along to help him, and they took Jasper with them when he caught them so as not to give their plan away.

When they reached the property that Alastair has rented for his collection of dilapidated cars, they were attacked by Automotones. Though Aaron managed to defeat it, they learned that the elemental was sent by someone from the Magisterium and realized that they would not be safe there. With clues from the barn, the group continued on their journey. They drove halfway to the coordinates sent by Joseph to Alastair, encountering their Magisterium Masters at one point and receiving a call from Rufus himself in another.

One night, a horde of Chaos-ridden people arrived and expressed their allegiance to Call. Call was left with no choice but to tell them the truth: that he held Constantine's soul. Tamara was shocked, scared, and confused, but went on, knowing that it was too late for them to turn back now. The Chaos-ridden, under Call's orders, carried them and brought them to Joseph in a mad dash.

They ended up at Constantine's tomb, where they found Joseph, as well as Alastair. They discovered that Alastair indeed stole the Alkahest, but intended to use it to kill Constantine once and for all, and not to use it on Aaron. During the fight that broke out, he succeeded, but Constantine's chaos magic transferred over to Call, after which he accidentally destroyed the tomb just as they escaped. Their Magisterium Masters then arrived and took them back to the school.

At the Magisterium, the group was placed under trial in front of a panel of Assembly members, including her own parents, and Magisterium Masters. They were chastised for their actions. In their defense, Call brought out Constantine's head, which they didn't Call took before the building collapsed, as proof of the good they'd accomplished despite their subordination. Jasper also revealed that Call was now also a Makar. The group was celebrated and congratulated for their deeds, becoming instant celebrities as news of their defeat of the Enemy and the end of the war spread fast, as Tamara's parents looked on, initially in shock, proudly. Despite this, Tamara continued to have doubts about Call's connection to Constantine. However, she agreed to keep his secret, and they agreed to not keep any more secrets from each other again.

Physical description

Tamara is a pretty girl with large, dark eyes, dark brown braided hair, and light brown skin.

Personality and traits

Tamara is brave and very clever. She is quite rule-abiding and aims to get things done, though she values doing the right thing above all else. She has a lot of expectations on herself and tries hard to please her parents.

She has a good fashion sense.



  • She was originally named Tamara Zarin.[4]


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