Magisterium Teaser Art
Think you know magic? Think again.
The Magisterium awaits...
During your time at the Magisterium, there will be five trials to complete — one for each school year. They will test your magical skill, your endurance and your ability to handle dark and dangerous situations.
It begins with the Iron Trial . . .


The Magisterium is a five-book middle-grade series of fantasy novels co-written by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black, published by Scholastic Corporation and Penguin Random House. The series follows the life and adventures of young mage apprentice and Magisterium student Callum Hunt from age twelve to seventeen.


  1. The Iron Trial
  2. The Copper Gauntlet
  3. The Bronze Key
  4. The Silver Mask
  5. The Golden Tower

Each installment corresponds with a Magisterium year and is in order: Iron, Cooper, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.


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