The Third Mage War, also known as the Enemy's war, is the war fought between the mages against the vindictive Makari dubbed the Enemy of Death and his followers and mindless minions, the Chaos-ridden.

Several able mages partook in the Great Battle, where everyone assumed that they were facing the Enemy. However, it had been an imposter, in his place on the field, while the real Enemy went after their families, hidden in a mountain at La Rinconada. Both battles ended in slaughter on both sides, and the attack on the mountain became known as the Cold Massacre.

The aftermath of the war was horrifying enough that the mages, having lost their champion, Verity Torres, in the battle. Despite this, Verity managed to push back the war. Eventually, the Treaty was signed—an agreement of truce between both sides. For twelve years, however, the Assembly of Mages and the general population were divided; others chose to believe in the Treaty, but most knew that the Enemy was just gathering strength. Desperately, they looked for another Makar to train, in preparation for the day the Enemy would break the Treaty.

The Secret

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised.

Unbeknownst to most, the reason why the Enemy has yet to attack them even twelve years after the war is because he was mortally wounded in the cave of La Rinconada and that, before he could die, Constantine transferred his soul onto the body of the infant Callum Hunt. For twelve years, Joseph kept up the act of impersonating Constantine by wearing the Enemy's mask, keeping up the appearance that Constantine was alive to continue to instill fear in their hearts in preparation for his eventual return.