• ThrushtheMudwing 

    Hellooooooo! if you look at 'community' on top navigation, you will see staff listed.

    THRUSHTHEMUDWING: Admin, Bureaucrat.  I am the final authority.  I look at every edit, and keep a close eye on everything.  For questions or incident reports, talk to me. #2 on the wiki.

    RWATIA64: Former head, Founder, Admin, inactive.  Listen to her. #1 on the wiki.

    DANIEL_GREEN_12234: DIscussions mod, #3 on the wiki.  Watches forums.

    SCORPIONTHESANDWING10134: Advetises on the WOF wiki.

    SO, i am incharge, Tia is inactive, Daniel is head of forums, and Scorpion is ambassador.  I am looking for Another ADMIN to help with improvements. (LIke stuff i have been doing- roleplay forum, advertising, ETC).  If you would like to apply, comment below.  I will judge applicants based on Ranking, activity, number of edits, qaulity of edits, and conduct.


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