• Hi ThrushtheMudwing,

    I was going through the list of wanted pages to see if there was anything I could add or fix when I came across the rather odd link to the letter "Y", capitalized and everything. I looked to see where the refferal was coming from, and it seems it's somewhere on Tamara's page. I checked that page and its code, but didn't see anything, so I'm not sure whether it's her page or the wanted page that's broken. Regardless, I can't fix either of those, so I'm letting you know!

    - Lee

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    • Thanks!  You seem to be doing a lot of hard work on this, so i will be giving you Moderator.  If you satay active i may pass total control of the wiki over to you as well.  Daniel Green is the second most active person, and also an admin, so you can talk to him as well.

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    • also, IDK about the link lol

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    • Wow, thank you! As for the link, I'll see what I can do, but I suspect it might be a fault on the Wiki's part and not user error. If that's true, I guess we'll just have to ignore it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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