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  • I live in Hell
  • I was born on March 1
  • My occupation is too much for me to handle
  • I am Female
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Ahys / Rwtia64
Biographical Information
Full name: MAYFS (initials)
Born: 1995
Age: 19 (as of 2014)
Status: Alive
Death: Determinant: 2023 or 2058
Also known as:



Red, Tia, Ry




Occasional mentor


Unnamed parents
Unnamed brother
Unnamed sister

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'2"
Series Information
Besides, he was the Enemy of Death, an outlaw, a rebel — breaking the law should be the mere tip of his iceberg of evil.

Callum Hunt in The Copper Gauntlet

Monthly message drop

  • Hi there~! Thanks for dropping by ♥
  • Currently working on wiki pages, filling in The Iron Trial & The Copper Gauntlet details. Slowly though, because I am still quite occupied with my Shadowhunter wiki work and actual school and work. If you have yet to read the book, tread carefully so as not to stumble onto unwanted spoilers. Do not give into temptation by clicking the pretty "Yes, please" button when prompted. ~ redwall64 15:06, September 4, 2015 (UTC)

Current wiki goals

  • Just plain expansions on Iron Trial and Copper Gauntlet related info for now.

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Personal theories
  • Call as he is right now is half-Call and half-Constantine (not full Constantine as they believe; I believe part of Call's soul is still in there). His environment will dictate how he'll turn out: good or bad Makar. || OR only part of Constantine's soul was transferred onto him at the Cold Massacre, and a small part is in some other surprise character/villain - this one seems more unlikely to me though, it's just a thought that popped into my mind.
  • Maybe at one point, Call will have this split personality thing and he'll struggle with it. He'll want to stay good (Call) but he knows that a part of him is just innately... the Enemy of Death (Constantine). Eventually, though, these parts of him will battle it out and he'll be able to get (the evil part/) Constantine's soul out of his body and it'll be Call vs Constantine.
  • Maybe Constantine won't even be full evil at that point. I'm seeing the possibility that some other character could be the main villain; Joseph, Rufus, Alastair? Aaron? Or some other character/s. So many possibilities.
  • Aaron could go bad... and/or die.

About me



Hi, I'm "Red". I love Wikia. I find its mere existence so convenient, so I am around a lot. I love being able to contribute to the experience of others as well. I love a lot of stuff (books, shows, movies, video games, comic books, graphic novels, etc.), and every time I get hooked on something new, I tend to always go to its respective wiki and look to them as guides, and I sometimes also end up contributing and helping around a bit.


I am currently an active admin at the Shadowhunters (and its TV) wiki.

I currently follow:

Arrowversevarious K-dramasGOTEverything Marvel •
• Shadowhunter (werewolf) • WizardDemigodGrishawaterbender •
♥ DCMarvel ♥
• FFSuikodenTrailsTalesZeldaFire EmblemSuikodenACTomb Raider •
• and many more! •

You can also find me on:


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