Master Rufus
SF 1Ch02, Master Rufus
Biographical Information
Full name: William Rufus
Status: Alive

Magisterium in Luray, Virginia










Master Marcus

Notable apprentices:




Assembly of Mages



Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Bald
Skin color: Dark
Series Information
Appeared in:
William Rufus is an elder mage, a Master who teaches at the Magisterium.


Early life

As a student at the Magisterium himself once, Rufus was trained by Master Marcus, who at one point gave into the fire element and became a Devoured of fire.[1]

Some years later, he himself became a Master at the school. At one point, he became the Master of Alastair Hunt, Sarah and Declan Novak, and Constantine and Jericho Madden.

Shortly after, the threat of the Enemy of Death loomed upon them, and the mages were forced to pin their hopes on the other remaining Makar, Verity Torres.

Sometime after the Third Mage War against Constantine, Rufus met a man in a library and married him. However, according to mage law, he couldn't tell his husband about magic.[2]

The Iron Trial

During the Great Battle that took place on the field in the Third Mage War, the other mages thought it best to hide their families—the children, their parents, the elderly—in a remote village, in a mountain at La Rinconada, Peru. Along with this, Rufus insisted that Sarah and their infant son, Callum, be hidden in the cave, where he genuinely seemed to believe that they would be safe. Alastair trusted him enough to listen to him, only to regret this decision when the Enemy of Death present on the battlefield turned out to be an imposter, and that the real Enemy had attacked the hideout. Defeated, their champion killed in the battle, the mages were forced to form a Treaty with the Enemy. At La Rinconada, Sarah and all the other mages had died; Call, apparently possessed by the Enemy's soul, was the only survivor. Alastair found Call and raised him away from the magical world, fearing what might become of him. Alastair would then develop a grudge against Rufus, for convincing him to abandon his family, that would last for over a decade.

In time for the annual Iron Trial, twelve-year-old Call, whose affinity for magic had manifested, was forced to participate, despite Alastair's reluctance. Rufus overlooked the final test of a certain group of mages, and it was then that Rufus first set his eyes on Call. He realized that the boy had an incredibly dangerous amount of power and very little control over it and that he was trying to fail the test on purpose. Though Call finished last, Rufus picked him to become his apprentice for that year, alongside the top students for the year, Aaron Stewart and Tamara Rajavi.[1]

The Copper Gauntlet


Physical description

Master Rufus is a large, dark-skinned man with a bald head, dark eyes, and bushy eyebrows.


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